We bring real world context to learning in order to create meaningful learning experiences

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Our Platform

We create self-paced, cohort based, one month long creative problem solving programs. Our e-Learning platform ( where e = experiential ) is a digital form of our traditional in-person programs. You can read more about our programs in Our Stories.

Our digital platform can be used by universities, non-profits, as well as for profit organizations that are looking to offer their communities with hands on learning opportunities for Creative Problem Solving & Entrepreneurial thinking.


Our Pedagogy


For more than a hundred years our methods of learning have been two sided - on one side is the teacher who imparts it and on the other is the student who receives it. What this doesn’t account for is the application of learning, the context in which the learnings are applied in the world. 

Our mission is to bring context to learning. We do this through our unique pedagogy, inspired by the principles of experiential learning. 

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Human Centered

We keep human beings at the center of our process


Critical Thinking

We value inquiry based thinking to deepen understanding

Do it Yourself

We encourage learning by doing



 We help you apply your learning to the real world

Key Features



Modern education needs to be entrepreneurial and inspiring. We have created a jargon-free content drawing the bests from human centered design thinking, systems thinking, engineering and business disciplines.

Content Management

Our learners produce amazing content for their projects on platform. All the work created during program + the final output is stored centrally and easily accessible

Cohort Based

Online courses are sometimes very challenging for learners to complete. Our cohort based programs ensures no one is left behind and you are inspired by your peers

Data Analytics

New education style require newer evaluation tools. Measuring what matters. Creative problem solving, Entrepreneurial thinking and Responsive collaboration helps improve our programs and personalize the programs suited to adapt to different learning styles


Adaptive Integration

Our platform supplements your existing processes of learning by adding a creative problem solving toolset and a hands on learning approach. It can be adapted for any theme, be it creating consumer tech startups or social enterprises to solve the worlds toughest issues.

Who we work with

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NGOs / Non- Profits / Aid Agencies


Organizations that have experienced our programs